Tuesday, 14 May 2019



1. waterproof 
2. Something for time/Fitness tracker/Stop watch/heart raise
3. Extra strong
4.Light weight
5. 1 or 2 buttons

Tuesday, 7 May 2019


I have made a timeline of wearable teach changes through time.

Monday, 4 March 2019

EMR day 1

Last week Friday we did some awesome things. We learnt how to snorkel at the Glen Innes pool,

 We helped the community by cleaning up picking rubbish and In the 1 session I did not participate due to my sore on my foot.

In session 2 I have learnt how to swim with fins, how to dive down and get something and also how to use the mask and the snorkel.

And In session 3 I have learnt how to clean up the beach using gloves and a potato bag.

 I can apply this to my daily life by cleaning up my room and tidy up the outside of my house. This trip has taught me a lot of amazing things and I can't wait to go on the trip to goat island.   

Friday, 16 November 2018

Things I've Learnt In Science Year 10

In science on the first day we learnt about poo. How poo can maybe make you healthy. They were getting healthy people's poo, taking away the bad things in them, and then giving it to the obese people to see if it helped. 

Yesterday we did a presentation about fibre. Bread, fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts have fibre in them. Fibre is good for your digestive system. If your poo is too hard you need to eat more fibre. 

Nathaniel did our presenting and I pushed the buttons. 

Science is about experiments. 

Alvina came in and I was a bit bored. I ate a Moro bar at the breakfast because I like Moro bars and they're nice. I left straight away because I wasn't hungry because I ate breakfast which was water. 

The environment around me is very good. I play lots of sports like touch, tag. 

PE is very fun because we get to play games for a whole period. My favourite game to play in PE is turbo touch because it makes you think where to pass and how to use your teammates to score A try.

Health Is boring because we just learn about what a good breakfast is, Why its good for you and how its healthy for your body.

In maths we learnt how to translate breakfast in different names.

In food teach we are had to watch a video and in this video it had country breakfast. Once we finished watching that we had to research the ingredients we can make that food next week.  

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Teachers going on strike

The reason why they go on strike is that The teachers is unhappy about the working conditions and have told the government it is time for something to change. Essentially, teachers want to feel valued for the work they do and to be supported so they can pursue teaching as a life-long career.
I feel that this is not fair because of the working conditions at school is terrible and the government is doing nothing.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Height & Armspan of 9RMz

Today we had to measure the length for our height and arm span. Once we finished measuring we have to record our scores on a dotted graph. After that we had to create a graph in google sheets. As a person grows our arm span and height grows bigger. Here are my results.