Thursday, 25 August 2016

Sleeping sleuths

This weeks activity is called the sleep sleuths. This story is about A boy and a girl that had a science inquiry they had nothing to do so the girl Marmara came up with the idea of sleep. They did this to show how much sleep we should get, why we go sleep this early and more.

Thursday, 18 August 2016


WALT: a. Justifying - I use words and phrases from the text to justify my thinking.

This week we have been reading Game on. Game on is about this school that have been competing in the Olympic games. they have eighteen countries and they are  Grease, Italy, Bangladesh, Trinidad, Tobago, Ethiopia, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, japan, Jamaica, Thailand ,Romania, panama ,Ireland and France. They even made some of there own games, most of there games are not in the Olympics. When we had finished reading the book we had to work our way threw the presentation.

How our muscles work.

Image result for musclesOur bodies move by a thing called muscles. Muscles are big and small shapes of flesh that are inside our body. Muscles can be used to move your body, pick things up, smile and so much more.

The smooth muscle another word for it involuntary. If you throw up the smooth muscle pushes our food out of our stomach up our esophagus and out of our mouth. The smooth muscle is in the walls of our sides. If you eat something your food goes in our mouths down our esophagus and digest your food down in our smooth muscle  

The cardiac muscle also known as myocardium. It relax and pumps our blood threw our entire body. Skeletal muscles another word you might of heard voluntary muscles. Its moves when you decide to move them. It will never move if you make them move. They are attached to small rope line called tendons.

Our arm has a bicep and a tricep our bicep contracts which stretches our upper arm and our tricep relaxes. Our deltoids muscle helps us move our shoulder, Pectorals are found on your right and left side of you chest, quadriceps are on your thighs and our gluteus maximus are on our bottom its like a cushion on your but.

All together their work as a team. We all need theses muscles they are very important.

Thursday, 11 August 2016


Last term out literary teacher Mr Wiseman read us the Roald Dahl BFG book. Yesterday our literary class and some our people went to see the new release BFG movie. I think that this movie was better then the book because they put more ideas then the book and its better watching than a person reading to you. My favourite character was the BFG because he looked after Sophie and hes very good at camouflaging in the dark and in the day time.

Image result for The BfgThe movie was different then the book because some parts in the movie was not in the book. The parts that wasn't there was the giants getting dropped of at a island with no food only snozz-cumber and snozz-cumber seeds, Sophie didn't drop her blanket, she had no glasses, they added a boy that the BFG looked after but then he got eaten by the other giant.

Monday, 8 August 2016

This weeks Olympics wirting

The Olympics games are the biggest event in the world. The Olympics games are held every four year in a different city. Countries from all around the world take part in the Olympics to show which countries better.  50.000 people participate in the Olympics
Which country are you going for?

The Olympics began over 2700 years in Olympia Greece. They made the olympics to honour Zeus and the other gods   The first modern Olympics were held in athens, Greece, 1896.  the Olympics was brought back by a french man named baron Pierre e coubertin who gave the idea in 1894.
Why did the Olympics start it?

Womens back then weren't aloud to compete in any olympics games. If they were seen or found in the games they would be thrown off a cliff or killed.  They go so bored the add more and more activities to make it interesting.
Why didn't they allow woman to compete?

Back then it was different but now women's can compete in any sport. Back then there was only 10 to 15 people that competed. But now over 11,000 people participated in Olympics.

The Games continued, with 199 nations represented in Australia, 2000 summer Games,  201 nations Athens, 2004 Summer Olympics. A record number of 204 were represented at 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, with Marshall Islands and also Tuvalu making the Olympic debut.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Muscle Fatigue

This week our group the spiders have been learning about muscle fatigue. We had to read the story complete the presentation and create a poster. I have learnt that when you pull your arm the triceps stretching and biceps relaxs.