Thursday, 18 August 2016

How our muscles work.

Image result for musclesOur bodies move by a thing called muscles. Muscles are big and small shapes of flesh that are inside our body. Muscles can be used to move your body, pick things up, smile and so much more.

The smooth muscle another word for it involuntary. If you throw up the smooth muscle pushes our food out of our stomach up our esophagus and out of our mouth. The smooth muscle is in the walls of our sides. If you eat something your food goes in our mouths down our esophagus and digest your food down in our smooth muscle  

The cardiac muscle also known as myocardium. It relax and pumps our blood threw our entire body. Skeletal muscles another word you might of heard voluntary muscles. Its moves when you decide to move them. It will never move if you make them move. They are attached to small rope line called tendons.

Our arm has a bicep and a tricep our bicep contracts which stretches our upper arm and our tricep relaxes. Our deltoids muscle helps us move our shoulder, Pectorals are found on your right and left side of you chest, quadriceps are on your thighs and our gluteus maximus are on our bottom its like a cushion on your but.

All together their work as a team. We all need theses muscles they are very important.


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  2. Hi Honey - thats some interesting facts on how our muscles work. Keep up the good work.