Friday, 8 July 2016

Activity 1 holiday blogging

If I was alive 2953 years ago I would chose pick Pentathlon for a sport because I love Javelin. Javelin is a sport were you throw long swords as far as they could. There are five sports played in the pentathlon. They wer stadion, Javelin throwing, Discus throwing, Long jump and wrestling. And I would pick shot put because i have a strong arm. I wouldn't pick Pankration because you have to fight naked, Equestrian races because you hurt houses to ran faster, Sprinting you have to sprint to one side to another.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Kevin Durant moving too the golden state warriors.

Kevin Durant has made his decision and leave the Oklahoma city thunders and move to the golden state warriors. Kevin Durant is a four time scoring champ who was named MVP. The team Kevin Durant picked is the one that has rejected him last month's NBA finals. The golden state warriors went to a loss against the the Cleveland cavaliers in the seventh game of the NBA finals.

Even though it too soon to know how Kevin Durant will fit in the team, It gives him enough time to boast up his confidence and get to know the team well. I think Durant want to be in the golden state warriors just because they were in the NBA finals two times.

Boring similes

Our whole literacy class has been doing boring similes. We had to change the boring bits and add in our own better one. As you can see I put some of my family members.

Monday, 4 July 2016

History of the waka and Polynesian navigation

Our group had to research the stars, ocean swells, birds and clouds. Then we had to write in our own words about it.

How can I navigate My way across the pacific

I have been learning to give advice to a person that want to go overseas in a waka.

Discovery of the new Zealand meths

This presentation is about the new Zealand myths. We had to read two text in this site. This story is about Maui and his magic fish hook that brought up the north land. His brothers thought that he couldn't fish, they were jealous of his skills and abilities and they were jealous that they diffident have a magic fish hook.