Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Jacks mother and the beanstalk.

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Jack. Jack lives in a small country with his mom. Everyday Jack would play with his friends and let his mother do all the chores. Jack and his mother were very rich. They would buy everything like a new car every week, lots of planes and even new clothes everyday.

Jack’s mother pondered around the house, and all of a sudden she hears a knock on the door. She opened the door and observed a man with three cows, (very strange cows). The strange man asked, “I'll trade you three magical cows for 5 thousand dollars”. So the mother agreed and traded the money for the three magical cows.

She kept them in the shed for the night. The next morning she found poop on the floor. But the very odd thing about them was, it was glowing. She scooped them up with a shovel and took it outside, she grabbed the hose and washed it out, and out came three magical beans.  

Jack's mother took it inside and started cooking mince, mashed potatoes and carrots. Jack then just got home from his friends house and spotted something different about his food. There were glowing beans in it. Jack then told his mother “I'm not hungry, i’m tired and want to go sleep”

His mother started eating and the next day she never woke up. When Jack walked into his mother's room he saw a gigantic beanstalk coming out of her stomach. And that's the end of Jack’s Mother and the beanstalk.


  1. Great story Judah. I really like the glowing poop, it was very imaginative.

  2. hi judah it is me leshar and i love you work and i am gowing to commneting on your blog it is or rat to do that by i will comment on your blog by leshar

  3. Hahaha Great story honey and yes managed to find time to read it. Thank You this story has just made my morning. Love you xoxo