Friday, 27 October 2017

How to be a Role Model.

Role models are always around us. Like the person next to you, your teachers and even famous people. Here are a few steps to become a role model.    

Step one  to being a good role model is by respecting the people around you. If you don’t respect the people around you they will most likely start to dislike you. But if you respect the people around you, you will create new bonds and friendships between them.
The second step is to always be positive, calm and confident in yourself. You don't want someone that always puts you down and does not agree with anyone's opinions. Everybody loves a happy and cheerful person that’s always confident in their work.  

And lastly choosing the right over the wrong. This has to be one of the many things people struggle to do. People are sometimes tempted to choose the wrong over the right, and then they tend to end up in a bad spot. But when you choose to do the right thing.

Well there you have it my three simple steps in becoming a good role model.

Thursday, 19 October 2017


Walt: Solve multiplication and division problems using reversibility
This week we have been learning how to solve a multiplication and division problems using reversibility. This task was very complicated for me and my friends.