Friday, 16 September 2016

Getting ready for rio.

Today Our group the ifo ifo Squad presented our presentation about getting ready for rio. Our sport that we picked was boxing. We had to first make a presentation, Get information about boxing and then present it to the class. Things we did well in: Is getting lots of information about the sport, Team work, Speaking clearly and about there diet. Things we can improve: Speak louder, Put in bullet points, work together, looking at the audience, confidence and smiling. I did well but the one thing I need to work on is to be confidence, speak louder and smile. We did very well and worked our hardest.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Magnus the Magnificent narrative writing

Magnus the Magnificent

Once upon a time there was a boy named Magnus. He lived in a town named Springfield with his mum and dad. Magnus is the only child. Magnus is an handsome young man that loved playing with his ninja stars and his large swords. At 12 am thursday the 2nd of August magnus was famous for killing a minotaur that was trying to destroying his home town . He got millions of money but instead of using the money to himself . He gave it to his family and to pay the bill for his big house. Every time magnus went out Magnus got called magnus the magnificent he would smile then start taking photos with them.

Magnus the magnificent had photos of him on the web, billboards, taxis, and houses. 1 week later he found emails on his laptop that had good news.

Magnus had the opportunity to meet Queen Elizabeth, The first family, the 2015 and 2016 nba winners the cleveland cavaliers, golden state warriors and even meet the famous Mr Wiseman. Magnus decided to go to mr wiseman because he is more famous from the others. Magnus got first class to see Mr Wiseman. Mr wiseman lives in hawaii with his wife and daughter. He is very famous for bringing back the olympics in 2016.

When Magnus got to hawaii Mr wiseman yelled out Magnus! Magnus! Come quick, Magnus was confused Mr wiseman was wise he called Magnus just on time. Magnus ask what's the problem
There is 1 minotaur and he wanted you. They forced me to called you our else or else said magnus
I’ll die.
Good thing you called me SO WHERE IS THE 1 MINOTAUR! He is at honolulu

Magnus had to put on his ninja suit, take out his two swords to attach to his back and his 10 ninja stars. Magnus left, He went to honolulu the minotaurs name is franky the franktastic. Franky is the best minotaur in the world. Magnus had to go because he’s was gonna destroy hawaii and he was the hardest and he was the brother that destroyed springfield. When Magnus got there He spotted franky he was in the sea waiting for him to come. As magnus came over the minotaur saw him running with his swords.

The minotaur grabbed the two swords and threw it away. Magnus was not scared she ran and threw punches but the franky blocked it. All of a sudden Franky pull out a gun and started shooting. Magnus dove under water and started thinking. She was thinking about how could she take franky down then she got the idea. She quickly jumped out of water and grabbed his ninja stars and starts throwing them it went thru the heart and out of the back. Magnus had killed another minotaur. And then magnus and the people in honolulu and even mr wiseman and his family lived happily ever after The End.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Measurement Word Problems

John rode 2 kilometers on his bike. His sister Sally rode 3000 meters on her bike. Who rode the farthest and how much farther did they ride (answer in km)? 3 km

Jessica is measuring two ribbons. The first ribbon is 30 cm long. The second ribbon is 500mm long. How long are the two ribbons together? (answer in cm) 50 cm

Steven wakes up for school at 6:30am in the morning. If school starts at 8:00 am, how long does he have from the time he wakes up until school starts? (answer in minutes) 1 hr and 30 minutes

Stephanie and her best friend Brianne went to see a movie. It started at 1:45pm and ended at 4:00pm. How long was the movie? 2 hr and 15 minutes

Ezra's stuffed animal has a mass of 300 grams. How many milligrams is the stuffed animal? 300000

Skylar goes to a pumpkin patch and picks out a pumpkin that has a mass 6,000 grams. How many kilograms is the pumpkin? 6 kg

Question One
Miss Berry measured her hair at the beginning of June. It was 80cm long. She got 20cm cut off of it at the beginning of July. At the beginning of August her hair had grown to 90cm long.

How long was her hair at the beginning of July (in mm) after she had it cut? 60cm
How much did her hair grow in July (in mm)? 200mm

Question Two
Tihi was building a wall out of bricks. Each brick is 25cm long and 15cm high.

In 1 month Tihi had built a wall that was 20 bricks across and 30 bricks high.

How long is the wall (in m)? 5 meters
How high is the wall (in m)?4.5 meters high

During the holidays Tihi had a lot more time to build his wall. At the end of the holidays it was 2.5m longer and 3m higher than it was before. How many bricks did he add to his wall? 900 bricks

Question Three
The world record for the longest plank is 8 hours and 1 minute. What is that in seconds? 28860 seconds
Question Four
Chris was Pt England’s best long jumper. He had four attempts at the school record which was 6.54m.

On his first attempt he got 6.1m.
On his second attempt he jumped another 30cm.
On his third attempt he was only 2mm from breaking the record.
On his fourth attempt he beat the school record by 0.13cm

What distance did he jump on his: 6.67
Second attempt? 6.4

Third attempt?6.538

Fourth attempt?6.67