Monday, 8 August 2016

This weeks Olympics wirting

The Olympics games are the biggest event in the world. The Olympics games are held every four year in a different city. Countries from all around the world take part in the Olympics to show which countries better.  50.000 people participate in the Olympics
Which country are you going for?

The Olympics began over 2700 years in Olympia Greece. They made the olympics to honour Zeus and the other gods   The first modern Olympics were held in athens, Greece, 1896.  the Olympics was brought back by a french man named baron Pierre e coubertin who gave the idea in 1894.
Why did the Olympics start it?

Womens back then weren't aloud to compete in any olympics games. If they were seen or found in the games they would be thrown off a cliff or killed.  They go so bored the add more and more activities to make it interesting.
Why didn't they allow woman to compete?

Back then it was different but now women's can compete in any sport. Back then there was only 10 to 15 people that competed. But now over 11,000 people participated in Olympics.

The Games continued, with 199 nations represented in Australia, 2000 summer Games,  201 nations Athens, 2004 Summer Olympics. A record number of 204 were represented at 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, with Marshall Islands and also Tuvalu making the Olympic debut.

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