Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The choclate game

Firstly it was Mr Somerville’s first day back, when he was back in our small class we played the chocolate game. It was amazing. In our class some of us were laughing at them how they cut their chocolate even when the others were trying to get them out by rolling the dice trying to get a six to get them out. 

The Rules how to play is that there be customs in the middle and a block of chocolate in the middle with a plate with fork and knife to cut a piece of the chocolate. Also there be a dice only one dice and with the dice we have to try to get a six to get out the person that's trying to eat the block of chocolate and the person who rolled the dice and stop on the number six on it they have to go and put on the custom and trying to eat the chocolate.

when me and my class were playing the chocolate game and Mr Somerville was taking photo of us cutting the chocolate.

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