Friday, 12 February 2016

Narrative writing

This is my narrative writing about this photo.

The day finally came. I was going to Roller madness with Josh’s family I couldn’t wait to get there. We drove in Josh’s van and left early because of traffic. Finally we arrived It took 2 hours but it was worth it. Me and Josh went on every ride but one. It was called The flash of light. We hopped on and said can we get off I’m scared then he said sorry it’s too late 1 sec later it went I got really really scared and threw up.

About time It’s over me and Josh started walking. But all of a sudden one roller coaster stopped upside down. We looked and looked and saw Josh’s brother Andy but he was holding on tight and screaming for help. we we’re really nervous we tried and tried to save him we did everything but 1 hour later.
He slipped and the rollercoaster clasped. We called 111 and it was too late. Me and Josh’s family were crying because he had died. When they took him to the hospital Josh’s mum went and left us behind crying.                                        
                                        The end

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