Thursday, 7 April 2016

Chicken fight

“Finally the day has come” said Jake. “We get to go camping up north can’t wait said Jacob!” So we headed off we got to see lots of animals like a cow, goat, horse and a jumping fish. “About time that took 3 hours” said Jacob. Two minutes later Jake built the tent and put our stuff in and jacob went fishing for lunch. And caught a big catfish. When we cooked it we qwickly ate. Umm that was a nice lunch said Jake.

 All of a sudden a duck came. It started Chasing us so we climbed up a tree and started planning. “What should we do said Jake” We should go behind the duck and stab it with a sharp stick. So they both hopped down when Jacob ran away from the duck Jake found a stick and sharpened it on a tree. When he finish sharpening he threw the stick to Jacob and stabbed the ground man I missed then Jacob did it again and finally I got it the stick went threw the ducks head and out of the duck's eye. Yeah we caught dinner said Jake.

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