Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Immersion Assembly

On Monday 2nd of May our school had an Immersion Assembly. We had five items. From Team one, two, three, four and five.

Team one had a presentation about the teacher's favourite thing like chocolate, bracelets, pets and more. After the presentation The school had a quiz if we got the question right Mrs George would give us a hokey pokey chocolate but most of it went to the little kids. When it was over the kids ate there chocolate and shared it to the person next to them.

Team two had a slide show of there favourite season. Miss Szymanik favourite season is summer because you can relax in the sun or go swimming. Miss Nalder favourite is spring because she get to see beautiful flowers every time she walks past a garden. Miss tumahai likes autumn because when the leafs fall you can make a pile then start kick it. Miss Eddie loves winter cause she get to drink hot chocolate and to hop in her warm blanks .

Team three copied Grand designs and made it there own version. By building a tent instead of a real house. They had to do lots of measuring so it can perfect. When they finished puting it back together. They brought there friends Then started singing.

Team four are doing comic books they showed us a comic movie. About a bear stealing bobby jon chrome book but two girls came for the rescue. But the bear threw punches at them. The bear tied them up to a pole. but the real super hero's came teacher avenger. They kick the bear then started punching him then
they locked the bear up untied the two girls and they all went back home.    

Team five were having a waka race. They had a race to see witch teacher boat was better. Here is the teams hokulea,  hine moana,  te aurere and hikianalia. It started hikianalia and te aurere sped of quickly but they went around in circle but two were going the right way it was  hokulea and hine moana they were almost at the finish line but hokulea jabbed hine moana. which made Hokulea win we all started to cheer.

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  1. Great work Judah, was great to see you give lots of detail about what each team is going to be doing this term. The only thing you forgot was your conclusion. Remember to give an opinion about what you think this term is going to like. From Miss Berry.