Thursday, 23 October 2014

How to be a good Pt Englander

       How to be a good Pt Englander

I can be a good pt Englander by being polite, wear it with pride and being cyber smart. Being a good Pt Englander you can get more friends. To be a good Pt Englander you can also finish your work off properly.

To be polite you should be kind to others. To show kindness you have to listen to the teacher, finish your work on time and don’t be rude to others because that is disrespectful. When my teacher is talking I am listening to her.
Wear it with pride means we have to wear your uniform and hat we have to wear it properly because it is representing our school. My friend should not wrap your jumper around your waist, and don’t put your hat inside out. I should not wear mufti under my school uniform.

I am cyber smart by going on the right thing every day. My friend should be doing the right thing instead of doing the wrong thing like twitter and Facebook. It good doing the right thing because it helps you for learning

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  1. Hey my name is Maura. I am a student at University of South Alabama and in the class edm310. It is very good to be polite. Being polite can get you very far in life. Also by dressing properly helps earn respect from your peers and adults. I also try to be polite and dress appropriately. Keep up the good work.