Wednesday, 15 October 2014

school holiday tournament

Sunday morning me , promise and Naomi Had to play at the ASB stadium. We were playing against heaps of teams for a tournament. but in the beginning we had to do warm up with dad.

When we got inside we had to wait for a long time for our team to go on so we watch the soccer game . Finally we got on I felt nervous promise had to jump for but the other team push it back. When the other team came to me I snatched the ball and I went for the layup and then I missed.

We had time to have lunch so I had cupcakes and a coke. We had three more games at the end we were in the finals it was a tough game. This was the score 10-9.
At the end We all were excited because we came 2nd.

When the basketball was finish promise was the player of the day. after that me promise went in my room and play game. We were hungry,we mum and dad brought pizza when we were finish we dropped promise. When we got home me Naomi had to go bed.

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