Wednesday, 3 June 2015

ANZAC Writing and Reflection

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Image result for anzacLast friday was a very very special Assembly. Lot’s of teachers and seniors have been wearing poppies so we can show the remembrance of World War 1.  At the end of the Assembly we went to the remembrance field so we can bless the people who died in World War 1 and the people who wanted to save new zealand's land. Then there was a song about the ANZAC. ANZAC stands for Australian, New Zealand, Army, Corp.

When they go toilet they go and dig a hole and then they look for something to sit on.Then when they are finished they refill the hole and make a new one.Did you know that there is dogs that can help hold aummo, and letters to send.When world war 1 started it started in turkey and the area they were fighting in was called Suez Canal.

In 1914 august the 29th the first world war began. 17 million people died died for all of our country. The first person to die in new zealand is private william ham. His family must be so sad and had a moment of silence.

The first thing I did really well was creating clear good word's and putting it in my sentence. I am really proud with my writing because I'v put in lot's of vocabulary.What I had trouble was putting lot's of information in my story. My goal for writing is to make my paragraphs up to a high mark so that my report will by all right.

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