Monday, 22 June 2015

Explaining My Game

(Judah) Our whole class got given a task. It was to create our own side scrolling game so we have something to do on a wet lunch time

My lead character is a free runner.His name is Roman.He Is in a beach and he is trying to kill these bad guys because they killed his family. My super cool mission is to kill them.

My character Roman he is the one that destroys his enemy. If you beat the boss and the guy who killed his family you will win. If you lose to the boss and the bad guy its game over. If you get the the coins you will get some points. When a Roman shoot you you will die straight away.

Space is to shoot up, down, left and right to move p is the pulse button.
When you die you have to press tab.
So when you start at the beach you will start all over again

My guy has to kill the boss and to kill the guys.

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