Tuesday, 25 August 2015

If I had 1 Million dollars

When I woke up I went to my bag and guess what there 1 MILLION DOLLARS!!! When I saw it I was shocked , With 1 million dollars This would be really really fun because I can buy the whole shop.

The next day I went to the shop with one of the best selling toy's Toy World. I would buy anything anything for me, but I would buy something for my family.

Then I would go to JB HIFI because it is a fun store. At JB HIFI I would buy flat screens in each room. I will buy my sister a all the net books. I would buy my mum all the iphone and lap top in there. My dad all the xbox 360 and all the games for him

Footlocker is one of my favourite shoe shop In the world. At footlocker I will buy My sister converses. Buy my dad jordens and nike. I will buy my mum nike, converses.

My favorite part is spending my money on stuff for my family. I enjoyed spending 1 million dollars because I have everything my family need.

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