Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Trade Fair.

WALT:add one main idea per paragraph
Image result for trade and enterpriseThis term our topic was Trade and Enterprise. Our learning was to focus on creating and selling products in our business groups. We were split up into 6 business groups and some of them made food, stationery products and accessories.  

As part of our terms topic we had a trade fair. This is when you take orders and start designing our own ideas. We had to create a presentation with all of our ideas, so that people knew what we were selling.  

For the trade fair my friend Junior and I have created a business called custom labels. The product that we have designed is made online. We are selling custom labels for only 1 PT.

Me and my friend Junior is really excited about our market day coming up in week 8! We are hoping to make lots of PTs and lots of Pieces. If you are around at Pt England school then, please come and buy something from us!

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