Thursday, 9 June 2016

Free writing

Once there was a boy named James. James grew up with his grandparents in america . When James was little he wanted to become a superhero. But now he posts letters to people. James decided He didn't want to post letters anymore. He was sick and tired of that job so he became a superhero. His dream came true. James came up with iron man. His superpower is irons nothing special like superpowers, teleportation and time travelling. He wanted to save the world by throwing hot irons and burning all the bad guys.

Three days later there was a bank robbery there were no superhero around to stop them so I went in. There were four guys, there my friends Jake, Sam, Henry and Kevin. I said what are you guys doing why are you doing this said James.
We are poor we have no money we live in the street. The only job we have is posting letters that why were dirty at work. James pulled out his burning hot irons and swung across the room. One second later the cops came and took them to jail for life.

Latter that day James got a phone call it was the head leader of the villains his name is Doglover. Out of all of the bad names in the world he pick Doglover. Doglover ask James to join the villains club. He said no i won't in a thousand years said James. Doglover got angry very angry that he killed one of his own guys.

When James heard the gunshot he had to go. So he quickly Ran over. James had a pit stop at subway he asked for a foot long with a drink he took his time. 30 min later he ran even faster, faster than the flash but one moment he got a stitch so he walked and walked. Finally I got there i saw the all of the villains i saw Magneto, Joker, doctor doom and more. When I went in his house doglover was right in front of me so i brought out my hot iron and slapped it across his face then pulled him out .And took him to jail and never came back home again

The End

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