Friday, 2 December 2016

Narrative writing

WALT: - Write a story from a character
Once there was a boy named Jacob. He is special because, he was born with dog ear. Jacob is the only sibling in his family. Jacob and his family lives in Auckland new Zealand in Glen innes, Jacob is Samoan and Tongan. Jacob was the 2nd richest teenager in the world, because of his hit song silver shock. He was so rich he gets 10 million dollars every time someone plays his song.

Jacob lives in a mansion in May bury street. All the kids would come to his house just to get money. He gave each house 10 grand so they can buy them self a new house, food and lots of clothing.

Jacob’s song got old no one liked it anymore. Silver shock was a dead end. Jacob got no money he went poor. Jacob had no money, his mansion was gone he started to live in the street. Rich people started bullying me because I’m poor.

But one man gave me 2 million dollars at that man was Rob Wiseman. He was the richest man in the world. He owns the whole of new Zealand. Rob Wiseman told Jacob if he want stay with him for a couple of nights. Jacob made a new song called LOOK ALIVE. Look alive was so amazing he got 20 million dollars every time someone listen to it. Jacob became rich he got his house back ,he gave a extra 5 grand to the other houses and his, family moved back in and Jacob lived happy ever after. The End

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  1. Hi Judah
    The narrative story that you wrote about Jacob was amazing. I liked it how Jacob did not only think about himself, looking after the people in the hood. LOOK ALIVE & SILVER Shock are pretty good titles.Keep it up!