Friday, 17 March 2017

Our journey to polyfest.

Polyfest what is polyfest? Well Polyfest is an festival for pacific islander and other cultures. Polyfest Has performics, Stores, and more. Yesterday Team 5 from pt england school went on a journey to polyfest.  
On Thursday the 16th of march we gathered to get on the bus to our journey to polyfest. As we arrived at gate 3 we have finally made it our journey has just started. We sat down and started singing some Waiata.

YESSS! we have started our tour around polyfest.

Our first station was AUT. Aut was showing us what they do and what their creation was and about.

Our second station was very important. They showed us what to do when a pot is on fire. We could put a wet tea towel or a chopping board over it.
And our last station was with the police they showed us what offices do.

And my favorite thing of all watching the performics. The performics that I really enjoyed was the maori stage. Showing the pukana ,there singing and more.

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