Thursday, 18 May 2017

Simple, compound complex Sentences

Walt: Identify and use simple, compound and complex sentences.
This working lesson we have been learning how to make our own compound, complex and simple sentences. The green represents the simple,The blue represents the compound and the red represents the complex.

2 years ago there was a boy called Harry. Harry was the only child and he was always lonely. He would have everything in the world but one thing friendship. Harry wished to be with friends for years.  He tried and tried but still no friends. After 1 year his mum finally decided to let him go to an ordinary school because of his good education work. On his first day harry was so excited because this was his first time going to school.  harry went inside his new school. While the day past harry made two new friends Tom and Dez.  When the day was over his dream came true.


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