Monday, 4 September 2017

Cross Country

Image result for cross countryOn your marks, Get set, Go!! Everyone started sprinting as fast as they could trying to catch up to Siaosi But they couldn't. I even tried myself but I couldn't. After one lap I tried not to give up so I kept on going taking my time.. A few minutes later I was almost at the finish Line. So I quickly ran threw the gate and then threw the park. And then everyone started to cheer my name. Go Judah! Your almost there, You can do it. I had finally finished Coming 9th place.


  1. Hello Judah well done I like your writing about cross country. I like it how to said you won't give up. KEPP IT UP!

  2. I think this was very good. There were no spelling mistakes and it seemed like a very nice piece of writing. There was only one thing that I noticed,it didn't have much of an ending. I felt like it needed something like: I felt very proud of myself as I arrived back at school. Altogether I thought that I had done very well.
    I hope you consider this. We also do cross-country here at Mangonui School. I came first on Tuesday, 8th on Friday, and 25th the next week. Do you think this is your best work?

  3. Well done honey im so glad you didnt give up. You also made the top 10 and that was a goal that was set by your Coaches for the Aims 7s team. So Proud of you. Love Mum