Thursday, 22 February 2018

Compering two theory's.

 Some people believe that the ancestors of the polynesians came from South america in the East. Other polynesians argue because they think that they came from south of Asia. The reason why some believe they came from south america is because a theorist named thor heyerdahl had evidence that he noticed that the winds and ocean currents form the east may have pushed travelers to the pacific.

Another part of evidence is that he discovered Enormous statues of ancient civilisations of south america. He also designed a canoe called the kon-tiki and sailed on the raft for 101 days to test his method and got scrubbed up on raroia.

The last part of evidence is that the kumara known as sweet potato is found in new zealand and south america.

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The next theory
about polynesians being originated in Asia was believed by many theorists because there was found to be a lot of different types of evidence such as the first part of evidence is Language, A lot of the Asian language is similar throughout the pacific. We belong to the Austronesian family of languages, e.g.. When counting from 1 - 10. Another piece of evidence is Food Most common food like taro, yams and banana come from asia. The next piece of evidence is Pottery, Lapita pottery can be found at various sites from the philippines, through Melanesian, to samoa and tonga. The last piece of evidence is Religious Beliefs, On every island from samoa to easter island, from hawaiki to New Zealand there a traditionals.    

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